Coinalyzer copper penny sorter DIY KIT free shipping!

THE Orignal Coinalyzer Copper penny sorter DIY PLUG N SORT Kit With power Supply and jack with all connections soldered. This unit is also adjusted for pennies out the box.  The only difference is You build your own case, stand, holder or box.

This copper penny sorter will separate Copper Pennies from zinc pennies. It also will separate Silver Halves, Quarters and Dimes from copper clad coins.     

This sorter comes as pictured with all electronics necessary to work. and MY full photo instruction booklet. This Kit Does Not Include bins Or solid wood cabinet. This unit is Electronically ready-to-use out of the box. Simply Build a stand, box or just have someone hold it for you LOL. Then plug and sort! Thanks       

CoinAlyzer DIY Kit
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  • Item #: DIYKIT
  • Manufacturer: CoinAlyzer
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