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We offer a fully assembled sorter with solid wood case for those who want to sort out the box and not spend time designing and constructing a case or stand.


We also have a DIT KIT for the do it your self-er. This kit includes all the electronics to power and sort(all connections are soldered). You just need a case / holder, stand or just have someone hold it for you LOL.

There is still a lot of copper pennies and even some silver halvesin circulation Today.All you need to do is pick up some rolls from your bank and sort them with this unit. Copper pennies are worth 3X there face value. 40% silver halves are worth 8X face and 90% is worth 20X face. The unit is capable of sorting 50+ rolls per hour. I can sort a roll of pennies in 15-20 seconds. A roll of halves in 10-15 seconds


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